Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dominator - The hardcore festival

Dominator is an annual hardcore festival organized by Art of Dance and Dance-Q.

Dominator is known as the biggest hardcore festival in the world. People go from different countries to the Netherlands especially for the event.

The first edition was held on July 30, 2005 at the recreation Rutbeek in Enschede. In 2006 Dominator was not organized. In 2007 Dominator came back, this time in the City Park of Groningen. The third edition was on July 26, 2008 at Vlietland recreational area in Leidschendam. From 2009 Dominator held at the E3 beach Eersel. In 2010 the festival has taken place on the beach in Eersel E3. The edition of 2011, also at the E3 beach Eersel, was the first completely sold out.

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