Friday, March 11, 2011

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Live)

To begin, i want to apologize for the long time with no new posts on this blog. I've been with a lot of work at university and other stuff that occupies a lot of my time.

The Temper Trap is an indie rock band, formed in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. The band members are Dougy Mandagi (vocals, guitar), Lorenzo Sillitto (guitar, keyboards), Jonathon Aherne (bass) and Toby Dundas (drums).

The band history begins around Dougy, who was raised in a music world. He began as a portrait drawer and also sang at downtown Melbourne. Later, he met Toby at a store where he was working and found out that Toby was a great drummer and a living music encyclopedia. They started to play along. Some time later, they discovered that Jonny worked a couple of stores down. They got together, began to practice hard and gave several concerts for about an year. An old school friend of Toby’s, Lorenzo had been dancing around bands and playing guitar from the age of 12. They bonded over skateboarding, but it didn’t take the 2 teenagers long to start jamming covers and writing primitive songs in the garage. Years down the track and in another perfect twist Lorenzo’s previous band called it a day just as the other tempers second guitarist departed and the band was formed.