Friday, March 4, 2011

Cocorosie - Beautiful Boyz (Live)

Cocorosie is a band from France, formed by two sisters, whose style is completely unique (indie-psych-folk-tronic-rock?!?). Their names are Sierra and Bianca Casady, but their mother called them Coco and Rosie (get it?).
The first album, La Maison de Mon RĂªve, was not intended to become public. Only the sisters' friends knew about its existence, but somehow the album became famous and later it was released on independent label Touch and Go Records. Sierra studied operatic vocal techniques and she does the lead lead vocals. She also plays guitar, harp and flute. Bianca is a percussionist and also beatboxes. The group also uses various objects such as toys to construct their unique sound. Popular indie bands such as The XX admitted that Cocorosie is one of their major influence.