Friday, December 23, 2011

[Live] M83 - Midnight City (Carson Daly)

M83 have posted on their Facebook profile a live performance's video of their new single, "Midnight City" from their most recent album release "Hurry Up".

The performance took place on Last Call with Carson Daly (an american late night talk show - NBC), earlier this month.

M83 is an electronic music project, founded in 2001 by Anthony Gonzalez and the former member Nicolas Fromageu, in Antibes (France).

They have released the following albums:
- M83 (2001)
- Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (2003)
- Before The Dawn Heals Us (2005)
- Digital Shades Vol. 1 (2007)
- Saturdays = Youth (2008)
- Hurry Up, We'ew Dreaming (2011)

Watch M83's live performance.

> M83 - Midnight City (Carlson Daly)